Agency Parameter



  • Solicit actively for a larger market
  • Systematic campaign of services/network
  • Create awareness amongst trade about quality and professional services
  • Meet ever growing demand of the trade.
  • Constant up-gradation of marketing intelligence
  • Evolve proper advertisement
  • Achievement of Target Sales and Service Contracts
  • Superior Customer Service
  • Utilize modern modes of communication.



  • Vessels Planning and Management
  • Availability Rail and Road combination under Multi-Modal Transport Documents.
  • Uniform Stuffing and guaranteed loading of units on planned vessels
  • Smooth and trouble free operation
  • Cost effectiveness in all operational aspects



  • Strive for Zero defect documentation system
  • Fast and accurate preparation of documents
  • Timely release of Bill of Lading
  • Updating of records on day to day basis



  • Timely remittance of freight to Principals
  • Ensure smooth collection of freight
  • To follow strictly cost guidelines issued by Principals
  • Ensure proper follow-up of disbursement methods.
  • Smooth handling of Debtors and Creditors
  • Maintain Zero defect in Accounting.